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Power Tips to Growing an Auto Shippers Company

What are you doing to grow your Vehicle Shipper company? You would be surprised at how many Auto Transport services say “Nothing. I'm doing things like I have always done them." Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing things the same and expecting different results”.

We speak with numerous Car Transporter companies every day and we always ask this simple question: "What are your biggest struggles?"

Typically we get the same answers? "Money and brokers."

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the owner of one of the top Car Shipping companies in the nation. We were talking about these struggles and I asked him what the biggest factors were that have contributed to his success? He said there are two things that can guarantee success in our industry!!!

Auto Shippers Customer base Auto Shippers Customer service What you don’t know is that this guy is worth millions, so don’t take his words lightly!

Here are 2 Power Tips from one of the best in the Vehicle Shipper business.

1. Auto Shippers Customer base: This is pretty simple: Customers don’t use you because they can’t find you. The first step in building a customer base is making sure the customers can find you. You need to advertise; to get your name out there. I know how the typical Auto Transport company thinks-"I can’t afford to advertise". Our successful Car Transporter business tells us the opposite “you can’t afford not to!!!” It is possible and affordable to build a solid customer base in this industry because the brokers have all done it. Brokers own the internet. If you do a search for “Auto Transport” on the internet, almost all Car Shipping companies that come up are brokers. When Auto Shippers brokers are “helping” you fill your truck up, you are losing money. The more you use them the more money you lose. I think there is a reason we call them brokers, because if we continue to use them you will only be “broke” (that is supposed to be a joke)!!!

Building a Vehicle Shipper customer base is not only important to secure the future of your Auto Transport company, it is also important in paying the bills!!! If you don’t have your own customers and have others getting them for you, then you are paying a fee to have someone book them for you. This adds up over time and can sink your Car Transporter business. Look at these figures:

Every time you get a car from a middleman you are losing anywhere from $200 to $300 per car. For guys that own a 10 car carrier: You are losing $2000 to $3000 dollars every load You are missing $8000 to 12,000 per month. That’s enough to have an office, office manager, and a secretary.

In most cases, the middleman is telling you what you will move a car for. He said, “When you have your own customers, you are in control because you are setting the price.” The more customers you get the more opportunity you have. This is why we know that having a solid customer base is the biggest key to your success!

WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO THIS CUSTOMER BASE PROBLEM: The fact is that if you rely on other peoples' customers you will never get ahead, you will live paycheck to paycheck and will never be in control as a business owner. What would happen to your business if you had car dealerships, sports agents, auctions and moving companies, military personnel, custom and classic car builders, and many other potential customers calling you for pricing? What would it mean to you, your family and your Car Shipping business if you made what you needed to make to pay the bills every time you moved a load? At Auto Transport Direct we have found a simple, cost effective solution to help you start this journey. We have proven techniques that empower you to develop your own customers. When you sign up with us, you will not only have a strong internet presence, but you will have potential customers calling you directly for pricing, allowing you to set the price and to make what you need to make rather than what they tell you!!! We don’t stop there; we also give you tools to help you grow your Auto Shippers company.

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From there, our job is done, the rest is up to you and that leads us to our second Power Tip.

2. Auto Shippers Customer Service: Our successful transporter said that Customer service is the second Power Tip for success. In our interview, he said “It amazes me that people do not see the value of the simple things…like hard work, ethics (doing what you say) and communicating with the customer (even when it’s bad news).” He went on to say, “customer service and customer base go hand in hand. Without great customer service you will not build a customer base!”

Here are some tips to help you grow your Vehicle Shipper company 1. Do not offer more then you can give - If you can’t have the car there by Friday morning, do not tell him that you will, just to get the one-time business. Sometimes this is painful but it builds loyalty and loyalty is critical for repeat Car Transporter business.

2. Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear. Its part of our nature, if you find yourself doing this, you may find that you loose out on an opportunity to gain a loyal Vehicle Shipper customer.

3. Superior Car Shipping customer service and can even turn a bad situation into a loyal customer.

4. Contact (call or email) your customers everyday with updates. This is shows a high level of respect for the customers. Sometimes the customer tells us that they don’t need to hear from us everyday, but that’s better then a complaining customer that never knows what's going on.

5. Treat the vehicle like it is your own! What you put on your trailer is not just 4 wheels and an engine. In many cases, it carries deep sentimental value; a significant investment that took years to make or it represents a very challenging move for an entire family. Go above and beyond the call of duty and DO NOT look at it as just another car!

6. Think long term - Building a solid Car Transporter customer base is all about thinking long term. Getting that customer to use you the next time or having them tell their friends about you is long term. If you don’t respect the Car Shipping customer you will not succeed long term!!!